A. Visit of the castle,accompagnied by a disguised guide (1 hour long).

A superb staircase leads to the Honor Terrace, where our guides recount the history of the castle : its architecture, its owners, such as King René and the Forbin family, who owned the castle during five hundred years.

After visiting the gothic chapel, you will step into the castle and visit more than a dozen rooms (dining room, bedroom, leather room, kitchen…) entirely furnished and richly decorated with French style ceilings, tapestries. You will discover the everyday life of the castle.

Concerning this visit, we propose two options :

  1. The visit with the disguised guide
    Time : 1 hour long.
    Price : -12 years old : 6€. +12 years old : 8€.
  1. The visit with the disguised guide and a riddle game

A booklet is given to each child (two levels of difficulties, depending on the children’s age). In each room that will be visited, the child will have to answer a question. At the end of the visit, he must find the riddle and will be awarded with a souvenir.

Time : 1 hour long.
Price : -12 years old : 7€. +12 years old : 9€.

For both visits, one free adult for 10 children. The others will pay 8€ each.

  1. The day pack : visit of the castle, the underground passages and trail game.
    – Visit of the castle, with or without the riddle game, 1 hour long (see proposition A)
    – Medieval visit of the underground passages (1 hour long).

Medieval Tour of the underground passages : “the corridors of time travel” (1 hour long).
Baron Philippe of Saint Jean, the guide of the underground passages, will  lead you through the underground chambers, remains of the medieval times. You will get an animated tour of the guards’ chambers, of the prisons, of the bread oven, of the secret corridors… You will admire war weapons, knights’ equipment while listening to stories told with passion.

          – Treasure hunt around the castle (1 hour long).

A short trail surrounds the castle. There are 9 steps, and each step of the trail is a new game. A surprise awaits the children at the finish line.
There are two different trail games : one is easier and adapted to young children, the other is more complex.

If it rains, activities are organized in one of the guards’ room : tailoring of a shield for the boys, and of a crown for the girls.
Price : -12 years old : 14€. +12 years old : 15€.
1€ additionnal is required per child if you chose the riddle game for the castle’s visit.
One free adult for 10 children. The others will pay 15€ each.


A picnic area with tables and benches is set up in the ancient vegetable garden, at the bottom of the castle.
If it rains, two huge guards rooms are filled with tables and benches, ready to welcome the children for their lunch.