Standard tour

Qualified lecture guides bring the past back to life during the entire visit that lasts one hour.

Arriving at the main terrace after going up the monumental staircase will enchant anyone who loves Provence.

The tour of the chapel and of a dozen rooms that are entirely furnished will enable visitors to learn about the history of Provence, its architecture, its furniture and also about the lives of people who are famous in Provence and France.

From the winter school holidays and during all standard tours throughout the year, a great “riddle game” is organized and offered to all children, aged 4 to 12 and accompanied by their parents.

Children receive a booklet. While listening to the guide and looking around them, they have to answer a question in their booklets about each room.

At the end of the visit, the answers enable children discover the riddle and to win a souvenir.

Tour with medieval activities

From February 16, in the subterranean passages and dungeons, a company of medieval knights will enable you to discover how people lived in the Middle Ages. You will discover weapons of war, the usual equipment of knights and the daily life of people who used to live in the château.

Throughout the visit, you will be encouraged and invited to participate in this mysterious XIIIth century life.

3 Treasure hunt around the Castle.

A short trail goes through the hill. At each step a new game. A surprise at the finish line.

During the year 2015 numerous activities are organized for both children and adults. It is advisable to regularly consult the web site, more particularly the “Activities” page or to phone the castle for any additional information.