Privatization of the castle includes

1 – A large park place which can welcome up to 300 cars

2 – 10000 m2 French style gardens, designed by Le Nôtre and listed National Heritage with:
– An alley of centenary plane trees bordered by an expanse of grass, well shaded, which leads to 2 wrought iron gates
– 8 boxwood beds, decorated with embroidery full of flowers and a gigantic redwood tree surround a circular pond. The space is bordered by the Touloubre stream which brings freshness and the relaxing sound of its waterfall
– Under the access  ramp to the castle, there are orangeries used for cloakroom and toilets and greenhouses
– A 400 m2 lawn, ornate in its center with a graceful goodess, accessible by 2 staircases on the sides. A monumental fountain, surmonted by 3 nice dated fire pots, finishes the gardens
–  2 vaulted long rooms are used by the caterers and as a dance floor.
– It is possible to mount a tent on the lawn

3 – Honour terrace and terrace called Palamede located inside the castle
– One accesses inside the surrounding wall by the great gate surmounted by the watch tower
– Immediately after, there is a large terrace overlooking  the french style gardens with a lawn covered surface in the shade of high boughs of the plane trees, the feet of which bathe in the stream 20 meters lower
– A succession of small terraces, surrounded by stables and pigeon house, lead to the main entrance door of the castle
– The monumental staircase allows the access to the honour terrace, located dead south and by the Henri IV staircase to the terrace called Palamede. They have an unobstructed view over the surrounding countryside, the lights of Salon de Provence and the Alpilles range
– From the main terrace, one accesses to the pretty gothic chapel dedicated to Sainte Roseline de Villeneuve, where it is possible to celebrate a wedding with an audience of about 70 persons
– On the main terrace, there are 2 orangeries, one used as a cloakroom and the other as a dormitory for children, and a guard room used as a dance floor.

4 – The ceremonial rooms on the first floor are composed of the gallery of paintings and, in a row, the Directoire dining room. They are available only in case of rain or strong wind.

Number of guests

The french style gardens, for the cocktail, can welcome 400 people
The honour terrace , for the dinner, can accomodate 300 persons
In case of withdrawal  inside the castle due to bad wheather , the limite is 200 guests


The services : caterers, flowerists,DJs, decoraters…, could start putting in the day before the party from 8 am to 6pm and the wedding day from 8 am
The privatisation starts mid afternoon, depending of the arrival time of the guests and stop early morning without any time limit.