In 1064, the territory of La Barben belonged to the Abbaye de Saint Victor de Marseille. In 1143, the castle belonged to Pierre de Pontevès, Lord of Lambesc. In 1387, Guillaume de Pontevès, who, according to Nostradamus, had joined those who fought against Louis II from Anjou, was deprived of La Barben.
King René annexed the land to the property and became the owner of the castle in 1439. On June 18, 1453, he transferred his property to his daughter Yolande de Lorraine who in 1474 gave it back to him in exchange for the castle of Valbonette. On June 10, 1474, King René sold La Barben to Jean II de Forbin, Palamède’s brother known as “Le Grand”. The latter played an essential part in the reunion of Provence and the kingdom of Louis XI. The result is the motto of the family, that can be read everywhere in the château : “You made an earl of me. I make a king of you”.

The Forbin family were the owners of the castle for five centuries.

In 1963, the Marquis de Forbin sold the property to M. André Pons who was an agricultural engineer and who quickly opened it up to the public. M. André Pons lived in the entire château with all his family and created a warm, welcoming atmosphere in order to pass onto all visitors, whether it be adults or children, his love and respect for this château which is a real gem in the Provence patrimony that he brought back to life for 35 years.

His eldest daughter – who has a degree from the École du Louvre, and used to be a curator – together with her husband carry on the tradition of welcome and wish to develop the potential that such a patrimony can bring about in different fields related to history, culture, tourism and special events.